Vinci – Platform for SEO Professionals

Vinci – Platform for SEO Professionals

The Vinci project is a pioneering application that aims to aggregate critical data for SEO specialists and marketing agencies. Focused on providing the necessary information for effective SEO of client sites, the platform is designed for SEO professionals and other users seeking knowledge on the subject.

How does the application work?

Vinci provides relevant data and estimates the value of handling a campaign for a specific SEO agency client. It is a tool that enables precise planning and optimization of marketing activities.

The project consists of a web application, which acts as the central system, and a mobile application available on the Android platform. The mobile application visualizes data from the main account, giving users flexible access to information.

The platform is on a subscription model, but a free demo version is also available. It has been designed with machine learning algorithms in mind. A data aggregation process is currently underway to enable advanced AI-based features.

Project Implementation

  • In-depth analysis of client needs, including development of design assumptions
  • Platform design and programming
  • Integration with six external tools
  • The frameworks used were reacted native, react, and node.js
  • Full implementation and release of the platform

Results and conclusions

Vinci is a functional tool that facilitates the work of SEO specialists and marketing agencies. The open platform offers advanced features that help increase the efficiency of SEO activities. It is one of the automation tools that relieves the professionals to gain more space for strategic and creative activities.

The application’s competitive advantages are the low cost of starting a subscription, easy scalability, and real value for clients. It is a solution that is constantly evolving and has the potential to become one of the most effective solutions using machine learning in marketing.

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