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Comprehensive web development services to help you grow your business and revolutionize your market, whatever the size of your business.

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What can we do for you regarding web development?

We will create a website or application that meets your needs. We offer web development in the broadest sense, i.e., web applications, dedicated CMS systems, e-commerce platforms, landing pages, UX/UI design, and dedicated software. A multidisciplinary team and an out-of-the-box approach enable us to meet the business challenges of the digital age.

Web applications

We build innovative web applications using programming languages such as React, Angular, Node, and NestJS. We specialize in Progressive Web Applications (PWA), providing applications that can be opened on any device. Our PWAs are responsive and will load quickly, even on a slow internet connection.


We create functional, user-friendly shopping platforms. We use Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, and PrestaShop to provide flexibility and scalability for online stores. Likewise, we specialize in bespoke solutions tailored to individual business needs. Our services include integration with ERP, accounting, payments, and other specialist solutions. We provide a comprehensive service that enables business owners to manage e-commerce effectively. 

Dedicated software

We develop bespoke solutions, supporting both the back-end and front-end. Our services cover a variety of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and databases to create optimal and effective products. Using various technical tools, we provide our clients with modern solutions, scalability, and excellent performance. We provide comprehensive support at every stage of the software development process.


We offer comprehensive projects based on individual client needs. Our websites are optimized for SEO friendliness, which supports their visibility in search engines. We ensure an attractive brand image through aesthetic design and intuitive navigation. Quality websites attract new users.

Dedicated CMS

We create comprehensive solutions, including projects on popular platforms such as Joomla and WordPress, and design bespoke content management systems. We work bespoke, adapting off-the-shelf CMS or creating new solutions from scratch. Furthermore, we ensure complete flexibility and functionality, considering our clients’ complex requirements. Our CMS provides easy editing, updating, and control of website content.

Web applications are our speciality

We use the Agile methodology, which enables smooth communication and efficient work of the entire team. We work in short iterations, keeping the client informed of progress and discussing any necessary issues on an ongoing basis.

  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA)
  • static web applications
  • dynamic web applications
  • single page web application (SPA)
  • Multi-page web application (MPA)
  • Portals and Web Services

Using new technologies such as React, Angular, Node, NestJS, and Python, allow us to create innovative and effective web applications. Likewise, we also specialize in integrating with third-party APIs and external services. Our solutions can work with other business applications, increasing their functionality and flexibility of use. We are ready to take on even the most demanding projects.

Why choose UniqueDevs?

We are an experienced technology partner that takes a truly individual approach to each project. Our focus is always on the client’s business objectives and a positive user experience.

Our web development process

Business Analysis

At this stage, we work very closely with the client. The aim is to understand their goals, needs, and expectations to create a workable concept. We analyze the market, the competition, and the target audience.

UI/UX Design

We design the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). The design team creates mockups, prototypes, and graphics, focusing on intuitive functionality and a positive user experience for the website or application.


This is the application’s core, handling business logic, data management, and database communication. Developers implement the server part of the application, ensuring scalability, security, and performance.


This part is responsible for what the user sees and how they interact with the application. We create an interactive user interface using a pre-designed UI/UX. This is where our product starts to work.

Testing and Quality Assurance (QA)

We run tests to check that all elements work as intended. We also catch any bugs. Testing includes functionality, performance, browser compatibility, security, and other aspects. 


The product is ready for launch once testing is complete and the client has approved it. The following steps include installation on the server, configuration of the domain, and any necessary settings.

Post Implementation Support

Our team remains available to the customer to monitor the application’s performance, respond to any issues, and provide updates. After implementation, we provide the necessary documentation and pass on all product administration information to the client’s team.

Web development technologies


HTML5 is the foundation of website structure. It enables the creation of responsive and accessible pages, which is critical to effectively reaching different audiences.


This is an essential programming language for creating interactive elements on a website. It allows dynamic content presentation, form validation, and user interaction without refreshing the entire page.


This programming language is used to create the aesthetics and layout of a page. CSS3 allows us to create a personalized and visually appealing look and feel for a website, affecting user experience and engagement.


They are designed for building user interfaces in applications. It is component-based, which makes it easier to develop and maintain code, speeding up the development team.


This is a complete framework used in complex applications. It provides a structured approach to code development, making it easier to scale and manage large projects.


Enables the creation of efficient server-side applications. Used in the enterprise to create scalable solutions, handle multiple connections simultaneously, and transfer data quickly.


Facilitates the development of server-side applications based on a modular architecture. It is used to build microservices. This enables flexible and independent development of individual system components.


In web design, it can be used to create applications, web services, or tools to support business operations. It is a versatile and readable programming language, making it applicable to various projects.

Case study

Vinci System

We present the innovative Vinci application, aggregating essential information necessary for effective website positioning (SEO). This project includes a web application and a mobile application in the Android environment, using advanced technologies such as machine learning. We used technologies like React Native, React, and Node.js in the development process. 

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