Deligo – Autonomous shop

The company, an innovation pioneer in the FMCG sector, has decided to develop a fully autonomous DeliGO shop. The project includes a mobile application, a service available on iOS and Android platforms, and a web application for business management.

The project aimed to create a comprehensive mobile and web application whose main task is to support the full range of business activities. Starting with administration, building management, and monitoring and recording customer activities, the application was to provide comprehensive support for the various aspects of the business.

How do apps work?

The mobile app allows customers to enter the store remotely by opening a door called from within the app. Functionality includes product scanning, unattended payments, and account management. It also integrates with access control devices, allowing the right people to authorize access.

The Business Web App, on the other hand, enables monitoring of product availability, transaction control, price management, and up-to-date product information. It also provides secure access to data and automatic generation of price labels.

Project implementation

Business analysis

Review of available access control solutions


Integration with access control equipment

Entry tests

Local testing of system operation

App creation

Creation of an application for Android and iOS platforms and its release in selected environments


Implementation of the application on the client’s server resources, including the publication of the web application¬†


Launch of the landing page


The autonomous shop has revolutionized the client’s business, reducing operating costs by an impressive 80% compared to traditional shops. Shopping in the DeliGO shop is instant, allowing customers to complete a transaction in less than two minutes. This not only increases business efficiency, but also improves the shopping experience.

This innovative model has great potential for expansion to thousands of outlets across the country. The design of the standalone stores is easily scalable, allowing for rapid adaptation to changing market needs. The low cost of opening additional outlets makes participation in additional markets a real possibility and not just a distant plan.

The DeliGO project is not only a technological achievement, but also a business strategy adapted to the needs of the dynamic FMCG market. Together with the client, we have created one of the first autonomous shops in Poland. We are currently providing ongoing support and developing the project in line with the business plan.

Project implemented under the auspices of Eurocash Group S.A.

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