Mobile Application Development

Are you planning to develop a mobile application, create a new business tool, or maybe have another out-of-the-box idea? Mobile application development requires a modern outlook and a combination of responding to user needs and business objectives. Our experienced developers and designers specialize in developing mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms, ensuring functionality, performance, and aesthetics. 

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Mobile Development Services

We design and build mobile applications from the ground up to support our clients’ business objectives. We undertake various projects, from dedicated apps for iOS and Android platforms to modern cross-platform, hybrid, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) approaches, and create bespoke solutions. 

iOS Development

We build advanced apps for Apple-branded devices using technologies such as React Native and Swift. Our apps are optimized for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. As a result, we provide users with the full functionality of the iOS ecosystem.

Android Development

We offer Android app development and deployment using technologies such as React Native, Kotlin, JavaScript, and Typescript. We are experienced in working with the Android ecosystem and adapting our products to various devices.

Cross-platform Development

We develop products based on React Native, JavaScript, and Typescript, enabling simultaneous development of applications for iOS and Android platforms. This is an effective solution for companies focusing on universal solutions accessible to a broad audience.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

This is a type of software that combines features of both native and web applications. We build them using React Native, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript/Typescript. These apps can be developed once and run on different mobile systems using standard source code and frameworks.

Progressive Web App Development

We build these products using technologies such as Angular, React.js, JavaScript, Typescript, CSS3, and HTML5. These ensure cross-platform accessibility and combine app functionality with browser convenience.

Custom Mobile App Development

Our services include modification of existing apps and development from scratch. We provide end-to-end product development support, from concept to coding, testing, and deployment, tailored to meet individual client requirements.

Mobile App Development Process

Initial Needs Analysis

At the beginning of our collaboration, we focus on understanding the product’s vision and identifying business objectives and critical functionalities. Discussions with the client allow us to define expectations, which form the basis for the following stages of product development.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

We create a prototype (MVP) focusing on the critical functionality of the application. At this stage, we seek feedback from the client to clarify the product’s goals and key features.

Mobile App UI/UX Design

We create mockups and visualize key functionality and navigation elements. We focus on responsive and interactive design to create a unique user experience.

Mobile App Development

This is where the app starts to work – we program the back-end and front-end of the product. Our work is based on agile methodology, which allows for constant communication and flexible adaptation to changes in the project. 

Testing and Quality Assurance (QA)

We perform detailed testing of all elements of the application’s operation. We check the product’s functionality, usability, performance, compatibility, and security.


This is the point at which the product is ready for use. It is published (e.g., in the App Store and Google Play) and made available to users. From this point on, the app is ready to use. 

Post-implementation support and maintenance

We provide regular updates to maintain compatibility with new operating systems and devices. We also offer server, database, and code optimization to improve application performance. Likewise, we provide customers with training materials, answers to questions, and technical data for the application.

Modern technologies in mobile app development

We design an application for you built on modern frameworks so that it can be supported and updated with innovative solutions for years. Our tech stack gives you a wide range of capabilities and solutions to help you build your competitive advantage.


  • Framework: React Native
  • Languages: Kotlin, JavaScript, TypeScript


  • Framework: React Native
  • Languages: Swift


  • Framework: React Native
  • Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript


  • Framework: React Native
  • Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript

Progressive Web App:

  • Frameworks: Angular, React
  • Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript

APIs for mobile and web:

  • Technologies: Node, NestJS, Python

Creating a seamless user experience on any device

Mobile solutions that help businesses grow

In a world of fierce competition in many markets, accessibility is essential for business. This is where mobile applications come in. They open up new opportunities for the industry, positively impacting brand exposure and extending the reach to customers.

Case study

DeliGo – a self-service shop

We have created an autonomous shop where customers can use the DeliGO mobile app to make self-service purchases, process payments, view transaction history, and manage their accounts. This is a technological achievement and a business strategy tailored to the needs of the dynamic, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market. As part of this project, we effectively used modern technologies such as React Native, React, and Node.js.

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