How do we work? Our software development process

Before we get started, learn about our working style. We operate according to the Software Development Lifecycle, which sets the milestones of the project team’s work. It’s a process that encompasses all stages of the software development lifecycle, from concept and design, through development and testing, to deployment and maintenance. This collaborative model provides a coordinated, repeatable way to deliver software.

Analysis of the existing situation and initial consultation

Here we go! This is the moment when the project team gathers information about the project, business goals, functional requirements and client expectations. Together with the client, we define key elements and functionalities.

UX/UI design and process development

In the next stage, the team proceeds to design and develop the software. System architecture, user interfaces, and source code are created. We also focus on developing high quality UX and UI. The final product takes shape and becomes a program. We also begin test planning.

Project management and communication arrangements

Effective communication between the team and the client, scheduling tasks, monitoring progress and responding to any challenges are critical to the success of the project. We create a clear strategy and clear rules for joint communication to make collaboration as effective as possible.

Quality control and testing

We verify that the software meets the established quality standards. Testing includes aspects such as functionality, performance, security and usability. Quality and reliability are priorities, and any bugs or imperfections are identified and fixed before the final version of the product is implemented.

Implementation and post-implementation support

Our work does not end with the writing of the code. The client can count on our support in training the team on how to use the new tools, as well as help with the administration of the site or future expansion.

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