e-Commerce for BHB Bertsch Holzbau

e-Commerce for BHB Bertsch Holzbau

The e-commerce project for BHB Bertsch Holzbau involved launching a sales platform for ten foreign markets, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Croatia.

We successfully launched an online shop tailored to individual customer and user needs. As part of the project, we are developing the functionalities of the webshop and analyzing the possibilities for its further development.

Project realization

  • There are over 150 products to choose from, with the possibility of customization through sizes, accessories, colors (including RAL), and accessories.
  • Creation of more than a dozen transport classes, depending on the location, order size, and means chosen. This made it possible to differentiate the price of product delivery.
  • Implement mechanisms to block access outside the markets for a shop in a specific country. 
  • Integration with a payment service provider. We considered payments in different currencies and offered customers convenient payment solutions adapted to local preferences.
  • Integration with the customer configurator, an external system from Bertsch Holzbau. This enabled efficient personalization of orders.
  • Creation of a visually appealing offer – graphical editing of product images.

Collaboration process

The project involved the creation of a comprehensive purchasing platform. During the collaboration, we launched ten e-commerce versions for each market and integrated the platform with global and local business tools. This way, we synchronized cooperation with suppliers and ensured a positive user experience and efficient transaction flow. 

As part of the project, we also analyzed the opportunities for developing e-commerce as an innovative sales tool. We focused on analyzing opportunities for digital transformation, considering the need to build a competitive advantage and maximize the potential of e-commerce. As a result, we created an additional tool to support the client’s business.

Effects of Collaboration

The e-commerce project for BHB Bertsch Holzbau helped to make the offer more accessible in 10 different markets. We adapted each version to local conditions, user expectations, and the competitive environment. We implemented a comprehensive shopping platform where efficiency and flexibility of functionality are critical. Sharing our experience enriched the client’s business with new growth scenarios.

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