Collaboration with the Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Tarification

Collaboration with the Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Tarification

As part of our work for AOTMiT, we comprehensively analyzed a technology project for the medical industry. We examined all system elements to verify correct functioning, efficiency, safety, and development potential. 

Project Implementation

  • License verification
  • Verification of the source code and its quality
  • Analysis of database-related documents
  • Verification of required tools
  • Analysis of existing documentation

Aims of cooperation

Our main task was to confirm the correctness of the implementation and provide a professional assessment of the created system. The subject of the analysis was a project worth almost PLN 11 million. 

We involved specialists with extensive experience in the Python programming language in which the application was written. The diverse expertise of our team enabled us to analyze a complex and comprehensive product thoroughly.


Our contribution consisted of professional evaluation and validation of the entire project. The team worked on analyzing the licenses, the quality of the source code, the documentation of the databases, and the tools required to run the system. Our work was crucial in confirming that the client could safely deliver and use the product.


Working with the Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Pricing has been an essential experience for us. It was a complex, high-value project that required precise analysis and the involvement of the most diverse team possible. Our knowledge of the technologies required enabled us to provide a valuable assessment of the project, which positively impacted the development of the client’s business.

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