Foundation – a free responsive front-end framework

Foundation is a free, responsive CSS front-end framework developed by ZURB. It allows you to design modern websites and applications quickly and efficiently. It offers a set of ready-made components, such as grids, buttons and forms, which can be easily customized. Foundation is valued for its flexibility and support for different devices and browsers.

Foundation – main features


Foundation was designed with responsiveness in mind. This means that pages and applications created using it automatically adapt to different screen sizes: from smartphones to desktop monitors. This allows you to create universal designs that are accessible on any device.

Mobile-first approach

The framework uses a “mobile-first” approach, which means that the design starts with the mobile version of the site and then adapts it to larger screens. This methodology ensures better optimization and performance on smartphones.

Modular architecture

Foundation consists of many modules, such as grids (grid system), buttons, forms, navigation and other UI components. These can be easily added and removed according to the needs of the project, allowing more flexibility and control over the code.

Advanced grid system

Foundation’s grid system is extremely flexible, allowing you to easily create complex page layouts.


Foundation uses Sass (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets), which allows for more advanced and efficient CSS style management.

Integration with JavaScript

Foundation includes a JavaScript library with many ready-to-use plugins that add functionality to projects.

Variety of tools and templates

Foundation offers a wide selection of predefined templates and tools to speed up the process of creating pages. This enables you to get started quickly and allows you to focus on your project needs.

Support and documentation

Foundation includes extensive documentation and an active user community. Access to numerous tutorials, examples and online resources makes getting started with this system simple, even for beginners.


Foundation is optimized for performance, which means that pages created using it load quickly and run smoothly.

What sets the Foundation CSS framework apart?

Foundation CSS framework is distinguished by its advanced responsiveness, which makes pages automatically adapt to different devices and screen resolutions. Its flexible grid system allows you to create complex page layouts, and a rich library of UI components speeds up the design process.

The use of Sass allows advanced style management, and integration with JavaScript adds interactivity. Foundation is highly customizable, compatible with most browsers and optimized for performance. It’s a modern tool that greatly improves the work of web and application designers.

How to get started with Foundation?

1. Install Node.js and npm – make sure you have Node.js and npm (Node Package Manager) installed.
2. Install Foundation CLI – open the terminal and install Foundation CLI globally.
3. Create a new Foundation project – in the terminal, navigate to the directory where you want to create a new project. Select “ZURB Template” or “Basic Template” depending on your needs. ZURB Template contains more features and is more powerful, while Basic Template is lighter and faster to set up.
4. Install dependencies – go to the newly created project directory.
5. Start the development server.
6. Edit the HTML, CSS and JavaScript files in the project directory according to your needs.
When you are done with the project, turn it into a production version.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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