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Autonomous grocery store system app

DeliGo app was created for a company that is one of the first in Poland and Europe to undertake an innovation in creating a fully autonomous FMCG store.

The project divides into a mobile application and a web application. The mobile application is created for the user, whom it serves mainly in self-service during a visit to the autonomous store. The scope of its functionality includes all the necessary areas to make purchases, make payments, and provide the user with a receipt for the assets, along with a record of the history of the purchases. The project was executed as both an iOS app and an Android app..

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The web application is created with the Store Owner in mind and the Administrator in mind. The application is designed to keep a record of the actions performed by users and is meant to participate in business management.

DeliGo projectwas made using JavaScript technology based on React, React Native front- end framework, and Node JS, and NestJS back-end. The creation of the currently available application began with individual arrangements with the client, based on which precise guidelines were set in the technical and visual areas. The implementation included not only the preparation of the application. Work was also done on integration with a QR code scanning device, along with innovation in this area of opening the front door remotely after an adequately performed action by the user. The work was completed with testing and implementation on Google Play and iOS App Stores.

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