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Autonomous grocery store system app

Mobile applications and web applications are increasingly becoming an integral part of a thriving business. Regardless of the business sector, many companies have already undergone a digital transformation and have digitized in a particular area. Nowadays, for most companies, the Internet and the digital space are the most crucial business cards or constantly working sales representatives.

One of the most critical questions any company asks is how to acquire a customer and then how to communicate with the customer to keep in close contact with them. With good communication, relationships with service recipients or product buyers are built in the long term, and the company itself can make new offers or improve the quality of the connection or customer service.

The answer to the above questions for one of Unique Devs' clients turned out to be the DeliGo application. It fully supports the client's original idea of creating a network of autonomous stores in the FMCG industry.

Autonomous shopping app iOS android

The application was based on an innovative idea to create autonomous stores to provide customers with the ability to purchase goods according to their local needs 24 hours a day, every day of the week. The DeliGo mobile application, which will allow customers to handle the shopping process themselves, is available on both Android (Google Play Store) and iOS (App Store) platforms. This makes it accessible and easy to use for the vast majority of mobile device users.

The system was built entirely in consultation with the owner and originator of DeliGo.

Depending on the budget available to the ordering party, each project can be implemented in many different ways, and the implementation can go through more or less stages and analysis. Typically, the beginning of the work in creating a system starts with the proverbial piece of paper (most often, however, in digital form), on which an idea is formed with the main objectives that the client wants to achieve.

This base concept should also be accompanied by suggestions from the system contractor, who will suggest whether the idea should be supplemented with necessary parts that the originator may need to learn about. Based on the built-base concept, a technical document should be created to define in more detail what the whole system will look like. A division into modules and submodules is made, and the location of the main functionalities in the modules and the other areas the application will have been described.

App development for autonomous shops

The next stage is the work of the UX/UI designer and graphic designer, who, after meetings with the client and based on the resulting technical and visual assumptions, are responsible for a very satisfying and often awaited customer element - the application's graphic design. After its approval, the project's strict programming, testing, and guiding to its final realization followed. The above-mentioned whole is among the activities that should be performed by a Software House professionally implementing the project.

What is worth knowing, in the briefly described area above, the most important is the dialogue between the ordering party and the contractor. Based on this, the foundation on which the entire system is built is created, and the final result of the work strongly depends on it.

For a mobile application or web application to fully fulfill its purpose, it is essential to remember that each application is a living part of the functioning of any business. Therefore, just as in the natural concept of 'running a business' - it must be developed and expanded. This will ensure that it is constantly attractive to customers and offers the functions they expect.

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